This is a move.

We are grateful for everything that God has done so far through BELIEVING. People saved. Marriages restored. Hurts healed. Purpose infused. Love demonstrated. But friends, this is just the beginning. God has so much more in store, and right now He’s calling us to make a move, “So That”.

We have the opportunity to take over, renovate and ultimately own our very own facility in the heart of the city we love so much on one of the busiest streets in our city. This isn’t about a building for church; it’s about building the church!

Together, we are embarking on a new adventure. This will be journey of faith, of prayer, of sacrifice and of commitment. Together, we can do this. Together, we will do this so that all people are transformed in Christ.

 So that all people
are transformed in Christ.


Let’s do this.

100% participation.
In order to make the vision of our new home a reality, it will take all of us. Everyone who calls BELIEVING home. Everyone who believes in what God is doing in Memphis through BELIEVING. Everyone who God is sending to join us on this journey. If we all will fully participate as God leads and provides, we can do this.

Praying Daily
We want everyone to pray with us for the wisdom, provision and favor needed as we aggressively work to create a space so that all people are transformed in Christ.

Investing Sacrificially
This is an opportunity for every one of us, from the youngest to the oldest, to leverage our time, our skill and our finances so that every need with this project is met.

Bringing Personally
We will do whatever it takes to prayerfully bring our friends, family and neighbors so that they can experience transformation in Christ too.

60K in 60 days.
God has provided an incredible opportunity to step into this space and simply begin leasing it as we prepare to purchase it down the road. However, our immediate attention must go to renovating the present venue to create a permanent home for BELIEVING.

In order to do this, we are working to raise $60,000 in 60 days above our basic expenses to cover the cost, in cash, of the phase one renovations with the hope of being in our new location by the end of this year.

We will have special offerings on November 10 and December 8 as our halfway and end of run markers in the 60 days, but giving toward “So That” is open and ready at any time. We are asking everyone to prayerfully consider what God would have you give so that all people are transformed in Christ.

Additionally, to help everyone have an understanding of our priorities for this renovation, a list of projects is available below so you can see exactly how your giving will be used.


Start participating today.


This is transformation.


The Lawler Family

To summarize what God has done in my life the past two years is almost be like me asking you to count the blades of grass in my yard. It’s practically impossible. What God has done in my life through BELIEVING is so much more than is so much more that I can describe in a few sentences. These are the moments that have left me full of wonder and awe of Gods grace, compassion and His everlasting love.

When we started coming to BELIEVING I was broken, hurt, empty and just existing. God changed all that through BELIEVING. From walking past the welcome tent, those greeters set the tone for my day. Listening to Michael preach and making it so incredibly easy to apply it to my everyday life. God guided the words spoken through all of that for me. Those times made me feel full when I left BELIEVING on Sunday and made me want more. God has changed my life and opened my eyes to beauty of watching my daughter go to youth group for the first time or singing with the band. Watching my youngest learn her 1st Bible verse or seeing the excitement on her face before she was baptized. I now understanding how great God is and that He can do anything through anyone, anywhere.

Everyone deserves to feel the pure, unconditional love of God and I cant help but feel so excited for all the people God can and will continue to reach through BELIEVING.

Leon Griffin

For me, BELIEVING CHURCH has been the spiritual force that has reshaped my entire vision of life! The Bible is preached clearly and there’s a strong focus on serving God by serving and inspiring all people. BELIEVING is not just a place I visit for worship experiences, it’s a place of salvation and transformation in Jesus



Alicyn Otoshi

My life has been full of struggles and trials, but I have never felt more at peace or filled with joy since I have been at BELIEVING CHURCH. For years, I have been searching for my own identity and a sense of belonging. I felt like a part of me was missing, but that feeling went away when I found BELIEVING CHURCH. Through the church, God slowly unveiled my purpose and showed me how my gifts and talents can be used to serve Him and the people in Memphis.

My faith continues to grow everyday because I am surrounded by people of faith at BELIEVING. The church is more than just a meeting space and a place to hear God’s word. BELIEVING CHURCH is my family and my home.

"In the same way, let your light shine before men, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven."

Matthew 5:16



What is the timeline for the renovation and move?
This is a great question, and one that we don’t have specific dates on at the moment. We have been and are working with contractors and volunteers to finalize the renovation schedule. Our expectation is for work in the building to start in November. We are hoping that late November and early December will be our time of blitzing the space with volunteers with the desire that we will be home for Christmas in 2019. 

What other ways, besides online, can I give to SO THAT?
The easiest way for most people to give is online; however, you can give in any of our typical methods as outlined here. This includes using the Yellow Boxes during a Sunday worship experience or mailing a check to our office at 3540 Summer Avenue #311, Memphis, TN 38122. Plus, if you would like to donate stock or similar assets, simply reach out to the office as we are prepared to handle this too.

Where exactly is this building, and how will it work for us as a church?
Our new location will be at 4798 Summer Avenue, literally right up Mendenhall from where we currently meet at the Malco Paradiso. Most recently it has been an event center; therefore, it already has a large space we can repurpose as an auditorium and several rooms, once reconfigured, that will create amazing spaces for kids.

Much of the work is going into creating better flow, aesthetics that feel like us, building out a commons space and updating the outside of the building so it stands out when you’re driving down Summer Avenue.

How did this location even come about?
Such a good question. The simple answer is, “it’s a total God thing”, but the longer answer can be found right here as Pastor Michael shared the story in the first installment of our sermon series, “So That”.

How can I stay in the know on everything happening?
We’re providing regular updates of the progress and stories of transformation happening on Facebook and Instagram. So if you’re on either, give us a follow and stay in the know. Plus, we’re providing an update, every week, through our weekly email. If you’d like, you can subscribe to that right here.