Step into the New

Today is a day we celebrate newness. There's something about the crispness of a new year that get's us excited about the possibility in front of us. We've not screwed up our diet... yet. We've kept all our promises. Nothing's happened, but anything's possible. It's new... or is it?

The power of the new is in the different that we do.
[Go ahead and say that, it rhymes... kinda great.]

This year won't be new if you do nothing new. If you still hold the same grudges, if you refuse to surround yourself with the people you know you need, if you continue to allow what's held you back to hold you down... this year won't be new, it'll be the same, just with a larger number.

The sad reality is most of us live our lives never experiencing the new we should. The calendar changes, but we don't. Some of us have been living the same year the last five years of our life. Enough is enough.

I believe this year can be different. I believe this year should be different. 

There's great potential in today. Now, if you start Googling "new years resolutions" you'll find more articles that you can handle about how they are a waste of time, won't work, and that some microscopic percentage of people actually fulfill them.

This year can be different if you choose to make this day different.

Love, today. Forgive, today. Commit, today. Serve, today. Invite, today. Believe, today. I believe that's one of God's great desires for you... to do something new in you so that He can accomplish something new through you. In Revelation 21 He says, "I am making all things new." That would include you and me. Paul told us in his letter to the church at Corinth that "if anyone is in Christ they are a new creation, the old is gone and the new has come." God desires for the new to come, but you gotta do something new.

I believe this can be the year that you experience the new, but you've gotta step into it.

You want to grow spiritually? Take a step and be in church. You want to get out of debt? Take a step and start living with a budget, getting some coaching, or even having a conversation with someone not in debt. You want new friends? Take a step and invite yourself into the conversation. You want ask her out? Ask. Her. Out.

Is it scary? Sure, but aren't you done with last year? Leave it there, and take a step, today, into the new. Besides... that thing you're leaving is so 2016 anyways.