Just Come and See...

This fall we have an incredible opportunity in front of us. The opportunity to love people in our city and invite them to experience a new, life-giving church in the heart of the city. Our invitation is open and consistent... just COME AND SEE.

We put our sign in our yard and we don't live on the busiest street ever, but already my wife has gotten to have a conversation with one of our neighbors about the church. He was like, "Come and see? What am I supposed to come and see?" When the door opens you walk through. We believe that hundreds of conversations and impressions just like that will happen throughout the city as we invite people to COME AND SEE. 

But are we gonna see? COME AND SEE a church where kids are excited to learn about Jesus on their level. COME AND SEE a church where all people are welcome no matter what is going on in their life. COME AND SEE a church full of passion, creativity and love for God and the city of Memphis. COME AND SEE a new church that's investing itself in serving the people of our city through partnering with organizations already making a difference.

It's been said that seeing is believing, so yeah, COME AND SEE... BELIEVING.

As we prepare for an incredible fall where we believe God will do more than we can even imagine  it's so critical that we all prepare in every way. 

We're preparing spiritually by praying for our friends who need Jesus and doing whatever is needed to compel them to come. We're preparing by getting the word out stronger than ever. From yard signs to car magnets, from t-shirts to social media tools, from love events to mailers and much more... simply to help the people of our city COME AND SEE.

So, I want to encourage and invite you into the journey.

This Sunday we're gonna have an incredible worship experience. Literally, a can't miss day as we help everyone begin to participate at BELIEVING. We've got more materials to help get the word out. It's gonna be great.

So, let's get excited. Let's get ready. Let's invite like never before and help people COME AND SEE. Then, we believe God will do what only He can do inside of every one of our hearts... MORE. More than we ever thought or imagined. It's the theme of this series, but my prayer is that it will be true for all of our lives.

"God can do anything.
You know-- far more than we could ever think up or guess or imagine in our wildest dreams.
He does this, not by pushing us around, but through His power that is at work within us."

Ephesians 3:20