The Summer is Real...

It's here... summertime!

Kinda feels needed too. It's been colder that usual. It's seemed rainier that usual. It's nice to see the sunshine, feel some warm air, and enjoy everything that is summertime. For many people though, it's a time when routine goes away, things get slow, and we just cool out till the fall. Nothing wrong with that for sure.

But at BELIEVING, we're so excited for summer.

For us, we don't see it as a time to sit back,
but as a time to move forward!

We're believing for amazing things this summer. We believe people are going to start believing in Jesus. We believe people are going to come to church for the first time in years. We believe kids are going to experience a church that is fun and believes in them. We're gonna roll up our sleeves and serve people. I love Will Smith, but this ain't time to lay back, it's time to move forward... cause it's summertime!

With that being said, I wanted to take a moment, and share with you a few great opportunities coming up at BELIEVING to help you plan, get excited, and know what's up!

This month we're hosting team night BBQs throughout the month. Team leaders will be sending these invites. These are going to be great times to hang out, spend time together, and connect with new friends! If you currently volunteer, we're so excited to kick it with you. If not, what better time to start!

We'll be hosting STEPS in June and July, just like we've done since launch. I can't think of a better time to connect into what's happening at BELIEVING than right now, so join us on a Sunday night!

Father's Day is going to be so great at BELIEVING! We'll be honoring our dads and we have a few special surprises up our sleeves for everyone here that day. It's a "don't miss" day for sure!

June 26th at 6:30P we'll have water slides, popcorn, inflatables, snow cones, and more all right here at BELIEVING! This is an amazing night of fun, connection, and partying right here, in the heart of the city! No need to make plans on that Friday night, we got you for sure!

Beginning June 28th, we're starting a new series called AT THE MOVIES where we'll use Hollywood Blockbusters to help communicate vital themes from God's Word. It'll be a unique series, and it will be one of the best opportunities you'll have to invite your friends to church! 

And that is just part of it. This thing would go from blog to book if I unpacked everything. So, let's get excited. Let's get ready. Don't think for a minute that things are gonna "slow down" cause it's summer... that's far from the plan. Cause the summer, is real... yo.