You Wanna Pray?

We sit down to eat, and once the food gets there people start staring at each other. Some people just wanna eat, some people wanna "say grace", and most are just wondering which camp the most people are in so we can get through this and get to eating... Right? So, someone, inevitably, speaks up and directs a comment to the person they deem to be most spiritual... "You wanna pray?" 

From there, it's pretty straight forward. They pray. Everyone eats. No one thinks any more about the question... There was a question?

Yes, "You wanna pray?"

That's our question to you. Not simply over a meal to oblige to some tradition, but to begin to gather and pray as a community. For some, this might be the point where you stop reading, for others, details are below...

Since we started BELIEVING a couple months ago, we've gathered with the team of volunteers each Sunday morning at 9:30A. We sing together, we communicate vision or teach leadership, then we get announcements and go. Effective, yes, but for a few weeks we're doing something different.

I feel so impressed that we, as a church, in this all important season, ought to pray. Now, you may be wondering, then, if we even pray right now... and we most definitely do. Individually. In groups. As teams. We pray. However, we want to begin praying together corporately, and we're utilizing this time we have on Sunday mornings to do that.

Starting Sunday, June 14, we're going to begin time of praying together at 9:30A.

We'll begin with a song, have a corporate time of directed prayer, and we'll close with a bit of info for the day. We'll be done at 10A and then be ready to greet our guests, connect with our friends, and have an incredible time together at BELIEVING.

I want to invite you to consider joining us. Doesn't matter if you don't volunteer, you can come. Doesn't matter if you're not the praying type, you can come. Doesn't matter if you're new to BELIEVING [cause we all are], you can come.

Join us this Sunday for church, and come early if you'd like to pray. We'd love for you to be a part as we pray BELIEVING.