It's Always More than One

There's an expression people have used for years. In church or not in church. For spiritual matters or personal decisions. We say things like, "I'm gonna take a step of faith." What we mean is, "I'm about to do something risky."

We've all taken that "Step of faith." Could have been to start a business or ask that girl out. Could have been to purchase that house, enroll the kids in a different school, or hire someone new. Doesn't matter if you're a student, retired, or anywhere in between... we've had those moments where we took a step of faith.

One of the most memorable steps taken in the Bible was when Peter [Jesus' aggressive and often prone to jump out there disciple] sees Jesus walking on the water toward the boat he's in. He asks Jesus if he can come to Him by walking on the water. Then, the most amazing thing happens... Peter takes a step and the water supports the weight of his body. It's amazing. Peter is amazed. There's only one problem... that step wasn't enough to get him all the way to his destination. Some of you know the story... Peter started looking at the waves after that first step. He started to sink when what was around him started to crash in on him. 

That's the problem with a step of faith... it's never just one. 

We muster up the courage to take the step only to realize that following Jesus by faith isn't just a step, it's a series of steps... a journey of faith. One faith step is followed by another faith step. Yeah, it was hard to get out of the boat, but the truth of the words of Jesus still ring loud in your soul. It's that next step, when the waves have you soaked and you're wondering if you'll sink but you gotta take another step. 

The next step of faith is easier and harder than the previous. Easier because you've seen God come through once, but harder because it's often less glamorous.

I heard this statement a few weeks ago and it's been tattooed on my mind... "Don't start what you don't have every intention to finish." Yeah, it took a step to start it... but it always takes more than one to see the vision come to reality. So take a step, and then prepare to take your next one.

1 Thessalonians 5:24
"God will make this happen, for he who calls you is faithful."