Let's Play

This past Sunday we began a new series we're calling "Stuck Like Glue" where we're learning the key ingredients that will help any family [including yours] stick together. We started by addressing a very spiritual first ingredient, being "God Centered". It's huge. You should get the notes if you missed it. Your family needs it.

This week, we're diving into the second ingredient which may not sound as spiritual but is vital to help your family stick together. And you know what, I'm gonna tell you what it is now... Let's Play. Yep, that's it. Your family needs to have fun... wait for it... together. 

We have fun on our own, doing our own things, but you family needs to laugh often, to play together, to have fun... as a family. So we've planned something real different for this Sunday.

We're going to begin our worship experience at 10:30A as we do each week, but that's where the "normal" ends. This Sunday only, we're not gonna have bKIDZ environments, but everyone will be together in the auditorium. We're going to have an all together worship experience that will be shorter than normal... about 45 minutes. Once that's done, we're gonna head out into our created plaza area [a.k.a. part of the parking lot] and have fun. Together. As families. It's gonna be great. 

We've got inflatables for kids. We've got some great backyard games. [How good are you at corn hole or SpikeBall? We'll see.] We've got food. And, yes, it's all free.

Why? Cause our families need to someone to lead out and say "Let's Play". They need to have fun together, and rather than just talk about it... we're investing in it! We're making space and giving you the opportunity to play together as a family. It's gonna be great.

So you might be asking... what can I do? How considerate. For one, make sure you're here this Sunday. For two, invite your family! Mom, dad, kids, cousins, uncle... whomever. Bring your friends. It's a holiday weekend. It's a time to play. It's gonna be fun. It's happening this Sunday.

Who knows, maybe this intentional investment helps our families be just a little bit stickier. If so... #winning.

Let's play, this Sunday.