Because I Believe

Grizz Nation is in total hype mode right now, and rightfully so. Winning games, making another playoff run, dreaming of a parade down Beale... It's all pretty exciting. Everywhere you go if you're sporting your Grizz gear you'll get a "Love the hat" or completely random "Go Grizz" from a total stranger. It's fantastic.

The team shop is selling out of shirts as fast as they can get them. People are tweeting about the Grizz like crazy, so much so that yesterday, because of a bit of a delay in the towel reveal that #TowelWatch was the number one trend on Twitter in Memphis. Insane? Crazy? Nah, it's simple. This is what you do because you believe, and if there was ever a time to go public with your love for the Grizz, it's now!

In many ways, this is what baptism is... it's getting loud about what God has done in our lives. It's letting people know. It's sporting your gear. Why? "Because I Believe". Now, just like buying a t-shirt doesn't make you a true fan, baptism doesn't make you right with God. It's a public expression of the fact that we believe. We get baptized because we believe in Jesus. 

This Sunday, we're going to celebrate with people who are taking their faith public. They're expression is for one reason only... "Because I Believe". 

If you want to be baptized, this Sunday is an incredible time to do it! We'd love to celebrate with you. Simply sign up online, and get ready to take this public.

This is no time to shrink back. This is no time to be shy. Get your growl towel up and let the world know... "Because I Believe".