Are you Ready to Spring Forward?

First off, here's a public service announcement... despite the snow on the ground right now, spring is coming and this Saturday night, you'll wanna set your clocks ahead one hour. You know, so that you wake up on time and make it out for the final installment of F-BOMB among other things.

It's weird though, because when you look outside or count the number of days that schools and businesses have been closed you'd be right to think this looks nothing like spring. And it's not, yet. Typically, it's the time when we start to see the first few glimmers of spring. A warm afternoon here and there. Something green growing somewhere. Pasty folks prematurely wearing shorts trying to get some color back on their skin. You know, what spring is supposed to look like. This season though, doesn't look anything like spring, but I can promise you this, it's on the way. May not look like it, but it's coming.

Seasons in our life are that way. We picture one thing, another is the reality, and we look forward to the one we presently endure passing so that we can get to the next one only to find out it doesn't look like what we thought it would. I'm learning to embrace the season I'm in. Live today. I can't control the weather. I can't make it rain. I can't cause the sun to shine. I can't make it stop snowing [clearly]. But what I can do is live in today. I can complain about the snow on the ground or go build a snowman. I can get frustrated over the rain or grab an umbrella. Either way, it's just a season and this season will change.

I don't know what this season looks like for you. Maybe you'd thought it'd be different than it looks out the window. You thought you'd be married by now. You knew you'd be retired. You were certain it wouldn't be this stressful. You were positive it'd be bigger. Whatever. That space between what you expected and what is can be so frustrating. It can cause you to resent the season you're in. The problem is, we miss out on the joy and beauty of this season with our mind consumed in what isn't, rather than what is. 

Embrace today. Make it amazing. Everything probably isn't exactly the way you pictured it, but spring is coming, and we all love spring [so we think]. So go build a snowman. Oh, and please do set your clocks ahead... it'll make the nerves of every pastor and church leader feel a lot better.