Let Go

When my son was littler, he loved for me to throw him up in the air and catch him. Like, literally, as high as I could throw him he was cool with. My wife, on the other hand, wasn’t as confident in my catch and throw abilities, but, nevertheless, I’d toss him around. He loved it. She loved it [when we weren’t trying to break any height records]. In those days, he never questioned as to whether to not I’d drop him… and for the record, I never have or did.  But something changed… yeah, he grew. He’s bigger, but I could still throw him. Now, he’s more aware of what is happening. He’s more cautious. He senses some uncertainty when he’s flying in the air and so he just wants to stay on the ground. It’s like he doesn’t trust me to catch him anymore… or maybe he never did.

Trust is a funny thing. Trusting a person, a business, a product, or even God… in reality is a watered down version of trust. Often, we trust the things and people that we “know fully”. We know what they are going to do. We watch them as they do it. We oversee everything. That’s not trust. But what if they don’t do what we hope they’d do…? Now we’re talking. You see, trust begins where certainty ends. When you hold all the cards, can fix it, can make sure… there’s no trust. I’ll say [ok, type] it again...

Trust begins where certainty ends.

This is especially true with God. Many believers pray, make commitments, determine in their soul that “I will trust God”. Really? How? Where? With what? More specifically, what have you relinquished control of so that your trust is demonstrated? This plays out in a million different ways in our relationship with God from simply trusting God enough to invite a friend to church, to start a Bible study, or even to give.

Think about it… What if you invite them come and they don’t come? What if you study, plan and arrange the Bible study and no one shows, or worse, they do come once but don’t come back? What if you prioritize giving to God and then a bill comes up that you weren’t ready for?
When we’re in control it gives us the illusion of certainty, but it’s no certainty at all. However, trust can’t begin until we let go of what we do control… that moment, that exacting pixel is the first spot where trust can start. Not before. Only once we let go. 

So, where do you need to begin trusting? Who do you need to begin trusting? What areas have you been saying you trust in, but truthfully, you don’t trust… and you need to?

Wherever that might be, as the old-timers used to say, “Let go, and let God."