It's Black and Blue, Y'all...

So for the last day this dress has been circulating throughout every feed, timeline and post it can find. It’s a dress. Some misguided people think it’s white and gold, but most smart folks realize it’s black and blue. That’s clear. No debate, unless we need to revisit colors all together.

It got me thinking though, it’s amazing how many times two people can look at the same thing and see two completely different things. One person sees an obstacle while the other sees an opportunity. One person sees a community that will never change and another sees a community ready to change.

I can keep going...

One person sees a kid who needs medication to calm down and another sees a kid who needs their energy focused on something they’re interested in. One person defines who another person is by the way they dress, where they live, or whatever, and another looks deeper and sees a person created in God’s image full of potential. One person sees what is the other sees what could be.

So, what do you see? In people? In problems? In communities? In schools? In the city? In a friend who’s far from God? In your marriage? In your job? In your kids? In your future?

We become so certain with what we think we see, but close your eyes and take another look.

It might not be what you see. Seeing is not believing. Believing enables us to see. When we believe we’re blessed to have a job we see our job really differently. When we believe our community can change for the better we see our streets and neighbors completely differently. When we believe our friends who are far from God can find hope in Jesus we see our interactions with them completely different. Believing defines what we see.

So do that. Close your eyes and take another look. It might not be what you see… Especially if you think that dress is white and gold.