A Change of Plans

Forgiveness. Without it, we’re doomed. Without it, we spend eternity separated from God. Without it, we don’t know what true life is… the life more abundantly that Jesus came to give. 

Forgiveness. It begins with us and God, but goes beyond that. It affects every one of us relationally because every one of us have been hurt by other people. We’ve all been “done wrong”. We’ve all had experiences, had people say things, been in situations that seriously hurt us. We’ve tried to talk it out. We’ve tried to forget it. We’ve tried to get them back. Those remedies haven’t worked though. We’re. Still. Hurt.

What about forgiveness? What if forgiveness wasn’t what we typically picture in our minds? What if our fanciful picture of forgiveness wasn’t what forgiveness was at all? What if forgiveness, between us and those who’ve hurt us, wasn’t up to them? What if, in a moment, we could experience healing through the power of forgiveness. I believe it’s possible.

You know, we're getting ready for our third Sunday as a church, and months ago as I was praying and working to plan out some of the series that we’d start with, I had a great idea. We were gonna do a series on relationships [in February… right, see what I did there?]. The name was great. We were gonna call it “Love Handles”. Oh, and it had a tag line… “Getting a grip on love, sex, and dating.” I liked it. Seemed like a good idea. We’d worked on artwork some and I’d fleshed out the direction, but in my heart, for us, I started to feel that wasn’t where we needed to go. We’ll probably do that series sometime because it has a great mental picture right…? I mean who wouldn’t wanna stare at love handles on a giant screen for 3-5 weeks? Not to mention, those are for real topics that Jesus dealt with and we need to deal with. Anyway, I digress. For us, I began to sense that God wanted us to do a series on forgiveness, and so we scrapped that and began to walk in a new direction.

I’m honestly more excited about Sunday than I was our launch day. For real.

The mercies of God are new every morning and I am a sincere believer that the best is always yet to come. So maybe it’s because of that, that I’ll probably think the “next thing” is always the “best thing”, but this is different. I sincerely believe God is going to do significant work in hearts and lives this Sunday. 

So, if you’ve read to this point, thank you. I wanna encourage you to do whatever it takes to be here. Plus, invite people like there’s no tomorrow [cause there might not be, but that’s a different series] because I believe what is gonna take place is going to be monumental. We’ve prepared and planned. We’re praying hard. Every time I think about this day I get so excited and emotional at the same time. I believe it will be a day that many won’t soon forget.

With that, forget the snow. Forget the ice. Let’s come out of hibernation [since it’ll all melt tomorrow] and let’s believe for something incredible this Sunday!