Let's Do This

It has begun!

After months of praying, preparing, planning and [insert another “p” word ending in "-ing”] BELIEVING CHURCH has Launched in the heart of Memphis, TN. Our first two opportunities for people to connect we absolutely amazing. We hosted FAMILPALOOZA on January 31 and saw 477 people come out and join us, enjoying donuts, inflatables, and a great time with new friends. Then, last Sunday, February 8, we hosted our first worship experience with 306 people in attendance and 34 people making a personal commitment to Jesus Christ! So exciting!

Now, we’re home. We believe for hundreds of people already and hundreds more in future weeks, we’re helping them find a home. A community of people who love and believe in them, just as they are. A place to gather and celebrate God and grow in our faith in Him. A place to invite our friends, family, and neighbors for them to experience a different kind of church. A place to call home.

Over the next several weeks, we’re working hard to streamline processes, involve people, and connect our new friends into BELIEVING CHURCH. 

Thanks so much for praying, but let’s keep praying.
Thanks so much for inviting, but let’s keep inviting.
Thanks so much for believing, but let’s keep believing.

Let’s do this. Let’s revolutionize our city. Let’s help people believe God.