Let's Do This

We’re getting close.

Literally, we’re just a couple weeks away from the day we #StartBELIEVING. It’s been a pretty incredible journey so far, and there’s so much more that’s happening and we’re doing between now and Launch Day. Up to now, we’ve seen about 75 people jump in and join our Launch Team, we’ve watch as people have volunteered their time to help improve a facility that we get to use as the launch pad for this new church, so many people have generously invested financially in the work that is beginning here, and the word has begun to spread.

We’ve put posters up in our community, and we’ve been lighting up our social media channels talking about what’s coming. As of tomorrow we will have hung over 7,000 door hangers in our community and we're getting ready for radio commercials and a direct mail piece to drop. We’re working it… if you know what I mean, but right now the most important thing we all can do is pray.

I wanna encourage you today to pray for our team. You may be part of the team, cool… pray for the others and for yourself. We’ve got people jumping into serving God through the local church for the first time in their lives. We’ve got people giving of themselves in significant ways to help see people come to know Jesus. We’ve got people leading ministry, planning for kids to come, rehearsing music, making videos, programming lights, and a bunch more! Pray for every person who is talking to their friends and family about BELIEVING. Pray for people who are working diligently to see this vision come to be in just a few days. It’s one of the most significant ways you can participate. C’mon, let’s do this. It’s going to be incredible.

For our team, I love each of you so much. Many of you we didn’t even know each other a few months ago. Some of you, we hadn’t had the privilege of spending time together in years. A few, we’ve been friends for a minute. Now, together, we’re starting a church… and it’s so exciting. I couldn’t imagine a more right group of people to start a church in Memphis than this. Thank you for participating in the journey.

God is going to affect the city of Memphis in a significant way as we passionately, creatively and tangibly communicate the love of Jesus… helping people believe God.

Let’s do this.