People Need People

John Ortberg typed a statement that resonated with me on such a deep level years ago that I’ve never forgotten it. He wrote, “Yes, there is a God-sized hole inside of every person, but there is also a people sized hole as well.” As a Christian, I know there is a place in my soul that only God can fill. Money can’t. Achievement can’t. Stuff can’t. Friends can’t. Nothing but God. But I’m convinced many Christians have forgotten or never even been taught that there is a people-sized hole inside of us. Meaning this… the relational need we all have can’t be filled by money, by achievement, by stuff, or [wait for it]… even by God. 

I know what you’re thinking… “What did he just type?” “God can fill any need!” “God can do anything!”. “God is good… all the time. And all the time… God is good.” Absolutely. He can, but He also limits himself. Remember in Genesis when God created Adam. The first [and only] man. After creating man He said it was good. Genesis tells us that Adam enjoyed a perfect connection and relationship with God. No sin. No shame. Literally walking and talking with God. Then God makes the craziest statement in Genesis 2:18 when He said, “It is not good for the man to be alone.” But wait… He enjoyed a perfect relationship with God. Oh, right. That’s because there’s a place inside of us, designed by God, that has to be filled by people. 

If you’re a people… you need a people. The sad truth is, many people ain’t got no people, and the fact that they ain’t got no people leaves them with a hole, a void, a space that’s gotta be filled. [The previous statements were not brought to you by “Hooked on Phonics”, but you totally understand them]. 

So, this Sunday night, we’re gonna unpack this reality. It’s a big deal. Huge deal. I hope you do your best to join us at our Launch Team Meeting where we’ll unpack this a bunch more... because people need to believe God, but many can’t because they have a need… for a people. 

Let’s #StartBELIEVING in people so people can #StartBELIEVING.