Passionate. Creative. Tangible.

At BELIEVING, it is our desire to passionately, creatively, and tangibly communicate the love of Jesus throughout Memphis so that people far from God might believe in God. Why, because believing changes everything.

So, those three words… passionate, creative, tangible. They define and direct us. They empower and embody us. They are BELIEVING. To be the church that God has called us to be. To reach the people God has designed us to reach. To make the difference God designed us to make. Passionate. Creative. Tangible.


We carry the most significant message and greatest hope in the world that is available to anyone who simply believes. It’s amazing, but many Christians appear to be more passionate about their favorite college football team or latest home renovation than they are the hope found in Jesus. 

To early for a punch in the gut? My bad... but not really.

The church we see is full of passion. Excited about Jesus. Excited about their local church. Excited about change. Excited about their city. Passionate. The words we speak are full of life. We don’t just “go to church”, we are the church and we are excited about what God is doing through us! It comes out in our conversation. It has adjusted our schedules. We are passionate about Jesus. We are passionate about what He is doing.

Passionate people change things. Passionate things change people. Passion get noticed. 
We desire deeply to make a difference; therefore, we will be passionate about what matters most.


God has always created. Look at the people around you right now. No copies. Look outside at the trees or the clouds. Hard to find two that are the same. Why? Because God is a limitless source of creativity. However, all to often when we think of stuff God does, the things done in His name, the picture in our mind is of the same old thing, microwaved up a bit, and reserved as great and God-honoring. 

We believe the church should be the most creative organization in the city. Why? Because our leader (God, just for clarity) is the source of all creativity. He’s always given His best, and He empowers us to be creative.

Every worship experience should ooze with creativity. Every event and community group should be fresh and alive. Environments and materials should show the creative nature of God when you pick them up or walk into them. You should sense the creativity of God. Being creative isn’t something we try to do, it’s who we are because it is who our God is.


Believing can feel airy. Mystical. Hypothetical even. However, it’s our conviction that Believing is doing. It’s tangible. I do, because I believe. This is, because we believe. 

Part of helping people believe in God is doing something tangible so that people can see the effects of our belief in God. Are our streets safer because we believe in God? Are they cleaner? Are there fewer hungry kids? Are their more single moms who have a fighting chance to make it? Are there more students leading well in their schools? Are there fewer divorces? Is there less crime? Tangible. 

We are not ok with talking about what ought to change. We are committed to being the change. Why? Because BELIEVING is doing. We’re tangible.

So there ya go. A little bit of heart, but it’s us. Because it is our desire to passionately, creatively and tangibly communicate the love of Jesus throughout this city so that people far from God might believe in God.