Bon Voyage

Last week I drove… and drove… and drove. 

For real.

In 8 days I drove over 2,000 miles. To Nashville and back to spend a minute with some friends and to visit two churches. Then, home for a day and on to Texas. I met with pastors and leaders, attended two great events hosted by Young Pastors, spent time with friends, and was a part of some worship experiences at a church that looks and feels so much like we want BELIEVING to be. 

It was tiring. It was challenging. It was fulfilling.

I had three hour conversations with people who didn’t know me, but they were interested enough in the vision God has burdened us with enough to invest their experience, time, and resources into what we’re doing. I spent countless hours with friends I don’t get to see often. Talking until the early hours of the morning only to wake up at the crack to begin more of the journey. 

Ya know, I’m better because of the people in my life. The ones who’ve been a part of my life since we were kids and the ones I’ve known for the last week or two. It was so encouraging to hear people excited about what God is doing and, we believe, will do through BELIEVING. It was great to be in environments 500 miles away from Memphis and to have people tell me they’re trying to get their inlaws to come join us at BELIEVING. Little statement and big investments… they all mean something.

I’m so thankful on this journey we’re on to start a new, life-giving church in the heart of Memphis that we’re not alone. From the amazing support we’ve received from Life Fellowship Church to my new, next-door neighbor who thinks it’s great what we’re doing and is glad I’m not gonna kill the neighborhood cat [she doesn’t know me well, and what she doesn’t know won’t hurt her… and that cat’s gotta go]. I’m thankful. But not for the stuff, for the people. The people joining the vision. The people praying. The people caring. The people believing.
The funny thing is, most of this has been around me for a while. I knew it. I didn’t see it. There’s a new level of gratitude and thankfulness in me even though we’re just getting started launching BELIEVING. I honestly think God will use this as much as anything, ever, in my life to mold me, grow me, and help me. I see characteristics growing and improving in me that I’ve prayed and worked on that are steadily changing as we #StartBELIEVING.

Why this? Why now? That’s simple. 

You have to leave where you are to get where you need to go.

So, for you… where do you need to go? Spiritually? Relationally? Financially? With your health? With the burden in your heart? Seriously. Where do you know you need to go? Got it? Good. You know. Now the only question is, what are you doing staying here? Get up. Go. Get outta here. Cause you’ll never get where you need to go staying here.