Pop the Question

Everyone likes a sure bet. A certain winner. Well, we like it , but we sorta don’t. You see, a sure bet doesn’t fill us with the excitement of seeing what we thought might not happen… happen. 

It’s like when a guy asks a girl out that he really likes, but he doesn’t know if she’ll have “homework” that has to be done. Or when a lady plans a party at her house to display some cooking gear that cuts sandwiches into circles and invites a bunch of people to it, but is afraid it’ll be her and her mom cause everyone might not show. It’s scary to take a chance, but just think about what could happen. She might say yes. They might show up. So we just gotta take that chance.

Sunday night we’re hosting a Vision Night for BELIEVING CHURCH. This night is designed to introduce people to the vision and heart or BELIEVING and to give people the opportunity to connect to what’s happening. Some of you reading this are thinking about coming and you’ve never been to something we’ve hosted yet. Take a chance, come. Some of you are in and you’ve been praying and thinking about inviting someone with you. Take a chance and invite them. Some of you are thinking about committing fully to this process and investing yourself into what’s happening at BELIEVING. Do it. Take a chance.

Remember, you never know what could happen, so don’t let the fear of what might happen stop you from experiencing the amazing joy of what could happen. You could invite someone and being a part of a new, life-giving church could change their life, their kids’ lives, and their eternity. You could come and find a place to connect and belong like never before. You could see God something unbelievable if you’ll believe enough to take a chance.

You gotta believe she might say yes… So pop the question. See ya Sunday night!