Your Piece Matters

I love football. I’m so glad that it is football season. College football. The NFL. High School football. Fantasy football. Pee-wee football. It all has a place in my heart and life. But most people who watch football don’t watch football. Really, they don’t. We watch the quarterback, running back, or wherever the camera is zoomed in at. We don’t watch football, we watch the football, but there’s way more going on than just what’s happening with the football. There are schemes and blocks and strategies all being executed by people playing football. Sure, we know the names of the quarterbacks and star receivers, but ask any of those guys whose name you know who played well in the last game and they’ll tell you about some guy you’ve never heard of who blocked and worked to make what they do a reality. You see, SportsCenter won’t communicate it like this, but everyone on the field matters, and if you’re missing just one of them you can’t succeed. Every piece matters.

In 1 Corinthians 12:27 it says, “Now all of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a separate and necessary part of it.” I love this verse so much. It speaks so clearly as to how the church should look. It’s not just a mouth, a foot, or one ashy elbow… it’s every single part. Each part separate and necessary.

So the parts are separate. In other words, the parts are connected, but they’re not connected to become the part their connected to. They are connect in order to do what only they can do in the body they’re connected to. The hand is not supposed to become better at being an arm or a wrist… no, it’s supposed to be the most God-honoring, kingdom of God advancing hand ever. Individualized. Unique. Supposed to be there and do that. Separate, but they’re also necessary. We need every single part. Not just the ones on stages, out front, or widely seen. We need the parts no one ever sees. Do you know what your liver looks like? Probably not. Do you need it? Boom. You see, you notice when a part is missing. Visible or unseen. Attention grabbing or simply there, faithfully doing what they do. Catching touchdowns or pancake blocking. Every. Part. Matters. Cause they’re separate and necessary.

This Sunday night we’re hosting a Launch Team Meeting for BELIEVING CHURCH and we’d love for you to come. We’re going to discover how separate and necessary we all are into becoming everything God dreams for us to become as a church. 

We would love for you to come. 

We would love for you to check out what’s happening. 

We would love for you to bring someone new with you. 

These meetings are open to everyone as we work to build a team of people who will passionately, creatively, and tangibly communicate the love of Jesus throughout this city so that people far from God might believe God. So join us… cause your piece matters.