Makin' Me Cry

As a guy, I don’t talk much about crying. For real. Cause even if I did cry it’s more “manly” to act like I never cry. Ladies, it’s typically a different story with you. You’ll cry over a good book or a bad one, your hair being awesome or your hair being awful… lots of things move you to tears.

Whether you’re a “crier” or someone who gives off the impression of “holding it in”, there is something very important I want us to consider… What makes you cry? Not “do you cry?” but what or who makes you cry? Because our heart and deep places of compassion are often seen clearest by understanding what makes us cry.

When we look at Jesus, there were two things that made Him cry. Death, no… it made Him sweat. Being lied about, nope… He responded with grace and passion. An overwhelming schedule, nadda… He would just go away and spend time in prayer to prepare Himself for the next day. Jesus cried over a friend of His who died (John 11:35) and over a city (Luke 19:41). That’s it. 

These are fascinating to me because Jesus experienced everything, as a human, that we experience. He felt loss and rejection, gain and celebration, people ran to Him and ran from Him, yet none of those things moved Him to tears. However, the emotions that come with realizing a friend of yours was gone, made Him cry. Interestingly enough, His friend (Lazarus) wasn't on His “staff”, and Jesus brought Him back to life. Jesus crying was simply the raw emotional expression of loss and separation from someone He genuinely cared about. Not because of what Lazarus did for Him, but because Lazarus was His friend. 

Jesus also cried over a city. When He looked at the city of Jerusalem, the reality that He saw and future that was immanent moved Him to tears. He wanted so bad for this city to believe in Him, but yet they hadn’t and wouldn’t… and this reality made Him cry.

So today, I just want to leave you with two questions to think on and ponder. Two questions to wrestle with that might mess you up a bit if you sincerely answer them. And here they are…

Do you love anyone you’re not related to or receiving the benefits of their work enough to cry over losing them from your life?

Do you care so deeply for your city that thinking about its reality and plight if nothing changes moves you to tears?

Think about it. Seriously. If the answers are no, you might need to look back at what does make you cry. You might find that you’re way more selfish that you hoped you were because the only things makin’ you cry are all about you.